Zarconian War - Editing
Genre: New Adult/Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 75,000

Attie is back, but not on good terms. With the discovery of oil in the Zarconian vortexes, America has declared war on the Zarconian people. Attie's husband is drafted and, to protect his family and friends, he reports for service. But the night he goes to the frontline, Attie's father-in-law is killed for his heritage. Now Attie and her small daughter must flee to Italy, where a new adventure (and new man) awaits.

The Unks Catholic Poor House - Writing

Genre: Young Adult/Dystopian

Rhea is a hard girl in a hard neighborhood. It's always been that way. Even before the War broke out and the government all but left them for dead. She's always found a way to stay one step ahead. A step ahead of her mother's boyfriend, of the war in the streets, and the War in America. So when her pet cat Trouble finds an abandoned mansion in an unknown part of town, Rhea thinks its a fine place to call home.

That is, until her neighborhood is taken by the enemy. A biochemical airstrike is only the first, and the smallest of her problems. Her mansion becomes a safe-house for the uninfected, and Rhea their savior. 

But Rhea's not too comfortable with that title. And neither are some of the residents.