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Q: How do you pronounce your name?
A: Like the continent Asia. It's also the Steely Dan album I'm named after.

Q: Where's Diaries of a Mixed (Up) Kid?

A: It has ended and will not be updated in the foreseeable future, but old posts can be accessed at

Q: Do you have a résumé?

A: It's not posted here, but you can visit my LinkedIn.

Q: Can I write or be featured on the site?

A: Send me an email at and we'll see what we can do.

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  1. What other jobs do you work besides a writer and a student?

    1. Good question! Now that I have finished college, I work as a librarian. I used to work as a substitute teacher, a sales retail associate, a library assistant, and a camp counselor. (Some/Most of those overlapped.)