Sunday, December 29, 2013

How Do You Know: A Relationship Or Hookup - Online Dating

Some time ago, I ventured into the world of online dating and I have spotted a few consistent red flags. So, ladies, here are tips to sort your would-be gentleman from the wanna-be boys for this new year.

Hey babe
Um, no. Any variation of this familiarity is already a bad start. "Hey, hottie" or "Hey, sexy" or "Hey, girl" means he has no respect for you as a woman. He will not be a gentleman. The only exception is a "hello, beautiful" and this one can still swing either way.

Motorcycle or Car 
If he's posing with a tricked out ride, you best bet his priorities will not be you. They'll be showing you off, and adding you as an object to the things he's gotten.

He'll want the picture reciprocated. Soon.

Never tasteful. For real. I've had a few of these sent to me unwarranted. Guys, please. No. If you haven't seen his junk in real life and you haven't asked to see it, then block that naked photo guy right away. He'll try to change his tune when he realizes the mistake, but his objective--inside your pants--will stay the same.

Sunday, December 15, 2013