Friday, September 13, 2013

Demon Warriors and Dark Elves: Dysus Dreamer by J.A. Garland

Title: Dysus Dreamer
Author: J.A. Garland
Published: July 1st, 2013
Publisher: Burst Books
Word Count: 70,000
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Content Warning: Contains violence and minor adult language.
Recommended Age: 18+
Synopsis: Demon warrior, Slade Aesus, is determined to destroy the werewolves controlling his cousin. But a beautiful elf, consumed by her own vengeance, finds the wolves first. Botching her assassination attempt, Annwyn has the most powerful Packs in the world biting at her heels. Both fiercely independent, can the two join forces long enough to fulfill their missions and stay alive?

About the Author:
Writing under the pen name, J.A. Garland, Jennifer is a full time firefighter in the state of California, an addicted trail runner, a connoisseur of all things cheese puff, and a urban fantasy author. When she isn't slogging through the obstacles at a mud run, you can find her hunched over her computer unleashing demons, vampires, and werewolves upon the world.

Excerpt from Dysus Dreamer by J.A. Garland:

A solid assassination operation takes one part opportunity, two parts discipline, and three parts disposition. Having two out of three this chilly Seattle evening, Slade considered himself in abundance of good fortune.
Parked in front of a solitary office building, in the zone clearly marked “No Parking,” Slade cleared his mind of distractions consisting of the little here and there that could creep in and throw him off, just a hair, but enough to jeopardize his mission. Satisfied, he slid out of the rental car and re-tucked a stylish black golf shirt monogrammed with “Constantine Vineyards” into a pair of crisp, steel gray slacks. In this particular scenario, image was crucial.
Tonight, the element discipline presented itself by his waiting for the precise moment to strike. He made a living analyzing people and their habits, so he knew his targets relaxed around the holidays and were less likely to see the danger lurking behind his smiling fa├žade. The current festivity du jour was Christmas, and coupled with his gift, destined Slade a popular man. I'm counting on it.
He moved around to the trunk, where he heaved free a slatted, wooden case. It smelled of musky oak. The peaceful scent hinted at candlelit dinners shared with a long time lover. His jaw clenched.
Not in my past and not in my future.
Slade lugged his precious cargo toward the sprawling metal office building. Immense, the structure stabbed farther into the heavens than any other in the area, yet fell short. Just like my target. Outwardly, Joe Larsen appeared a dedicated family man, a real pillar of the community whose flourishing internet and telecommunications business, ProCom, employed hundreds. In reality, the werewolf belonged to the Dirty Dozen, a group of the twelve most ruthless wolf Packs roaming the earth.
How ironic. I was once your target. A year ago, the Dozen kidnapped his cousin Amber, a half-demon, half-human. Able to keep a shifter from shifting, Amber's ability proved irresistible, since more times than not, the Dozen's meetings devolved into an unproductive, fur-flying brawl. We saved Amber, but left behind some unfinished business. Starting with Larsen, the wolves would learn a lesson...a demon’s memory rivals the most scorned woman, and paybacks were indeed a bitch.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12 Years Ago

Twelve years ago, they turned the televisions off.
Twelve years ago, they refused to speak to us.

Twelve years ago, the class bell still rang.
But, they stopped teaching and we played guessing games.

Twelve years ago, we still changed rooms.
Twelve years ago, we walked empty hallways of middle school.
Because twelve years ago there were no instructions, no plans or rules.

Twelve years ago, my mother took me out of class.
Twelve years ago, she refused to speak to us.

Twelve years ago, she called our father in D.C.
She twisted our corded phone, waiting impatiently.

Twelve years ago, he came home and got on bended knee.
Twelve years ago, he turned on the TV.
Because twelve years ago, there was something we needed to know.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Where I've Been

I did not post in August. I know this. I'm still adjusting. New relationship. New job. New city and state. Frequently sick and depressed.

Instead, here are pictures of my trip to Oahu.

A tiny crab searches for food on the bar wall

The view from the lanai in Waikiki

Art gallery that used to be a community pool

I won't give up on Paradise yet. I'll move there end of this year or beginning of 2014.