Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Is It Just Me? 5 Thoughts That I've Had While High

Pot is legal in Colorado. Moving forward.

Is it just me? 5 Thoughts I've Had While High: 

  • When you're high and eating snacks and then you forget you're eating. It always comes as a pleasant surprise when I remember this repetitive motion (hand to mouth) isn't for naught and--BEST PART--then tastes of greatness come back into my mouth.
  • Is it just me? Sometimes (all the time) I eat Top Ramen and I put sliced onions in it so it feels like I'm eating healthy. I feel so accomplished.
  • If I'm baking and I've just taken my first hit, I set the timer because I know I'll forget the cookies/brownies/pizza because time moves oddly when you're high because I forget to check the time on my phone.
  • Is it just me or does it like you're rising up to the top of your head as the buzz kicks in. Or is that why they call it high? Or do I only feel like I'm rising up because it's called "getting high" and I subconscious-will that ingrained association into my mind?
  • Why do kisses feel like work you don't get paid for?