Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wishing Rules and Superstitions

Today, I was at Robinson Nature Center and I found a little Southwestern baggy filled with Guatemalan Worry Dolls. If I tell them my worry and put them under my pillow, they will take away my problems at night.


My sister and I both had to buy one. My family (parents included) has always been very superstitious so I figured I'd list all the ones we follow. But after my first draft, I realized we have too many for one post.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to Wishing Superstitions!

Disclaimer: Wishes are more likely to come true if they are realistic and/or benefiting others selflessly. However, you can still wish for whatever you want. It may come true anyway. Wishes also are not on a time schedule and like to come true in odd ways so you must be very specific. But, sometimes you are limited on wishing time (like 11:11) and it can cost you that wish.

It doesn't matter if it's AM or PM as long as you wish. You can wish as many wishes as you want but you have to be done wishing before it turns 11:12. If it does, your wish will not come true.

Friendship Bracelet
When a friend makes you one of these string bracelets, you may make one wish on it. The wish will come true after the bracelet falls off. However, if you take it off, cut it off, or find it after it was lost, then the wish is null and void.

Eye Lash
If you find an eye lash on your cheek, you may have one wish on it. However, you have to blow it off your finger with your eyes closed in one breath or it won't come true. If it doesn't leave your finger, you must change your wish and blow again. Repeat the process until, when you open your eyes after blowing, it is gone. You must not see where it goes. Note: You cannot pull out eye lashes. Those wishes will not come true.

Shooting Star
Pretty basic, but rare nowadays. You get one wish.

Make one wish, hold it in your mind, and the person who rips the bigger half gets their wish.

Birthday Candles
You must have the same amount of candles as your age. You must hold the one wish in your mind as you blow a single long breath and extinguish all the flames. If you cannot blow them all out at once, the wish won't come true. For this reason, we Hate trick candles.

When they have turned to seed, all cute and white, then you may pick it and make a wish. If you blow all the seeds off the stem, it will come true.

You may make a single wish on your disposable chopsticks. If you can pull them apart with a clean break, your wish will come true. If you do not wish, a clean break is a sign of good luck or a good meal. If the break is not clean, your wish will not come true and the meal will likely be less satisfactory.

P.S. If you get Worry Dolls, make sure you don't show them to anyone.

Stick around for Five Good Luck Superstitions


  1. Wow, interesting blog! However, this might be a bit odd, but I have a question. I had a friendship anklet, and as I was straightening out my sock, my thumb caught on the threadbare string and it broke. I did not attempt this on purpose. Do you think my wish still has a chance of coming true?

  2. I think as long as you didn't mean to break it, then you are okay. Your wish may need some of your own help now though to come true.

    1. That's a relief. Thank you, Aja! It really means a lot.