Friday, November 28, 2014

First Article in Ke Ola Magazine, South Kona MacNut Company

This is one of my first freelance articles in Hawaii. In Ke Ola Magazine's October issue, I wrote a piece on their long time advertiser South Kona Macadamia Nut Company and their tasty treats. The piece turned out great thanks to the lovely editors and copywriter at Ke Ola Mag and their leader Renee. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kittens and Bread

My third project for Na Leo community TV channel mixes the art of Portuguese bread baking at Kona Historical Society in Kealakekua, HI with kittens from the local Humane Society.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Big Island Through New Eyes: A Cherished Time

My first 20-minute feature aired on Na Leo O Hawaii community TV channel earlier this fall. I hope to do more work showcasing The Big Island's amazing scenery and culture.

In this film, my sister Cherish Hannah, my brother Darius Hannah, and my friends Ben Watts and Tyler Bergfalk joined me in exploring the Big Island. All of their reactions are genuine, first-take, and unscripted.

Thank you for watching!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Human Beans, Talking to Kids About Diversity

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The Quick, Easy and Fun Way to Talk to Kids about Diversity
By Tracy Jackson
In every child’s life there comes a moment where they accept or reject others based on the way someone looks or acts. Perhaps you remember an occasion when someone did this to you? Let’s face it, we're all different, one-of-a-kind, and it’s imperative that we learn to embrace the unique qualities in both ourselves and others.
For me, teaching diversity is a passion. I know how it feels to be excluded and judged, so I devised a simple method to teach children to embrace what makes each of us unique. I call it, Human Beans. Human Beans are a gourmet jelly bean treat that encourages simple conversations powerful enough to stop bullying in its tracks.
Here’s how it works:
#1: Open a Bag of Conversation

Nothing is more natural than sharing a treat with your child.  When you tear into a package of Human Beans, you open a simple platform for talking to your child.  You see, Human Beans are just like people.  They come in different colors but you can’t really determine what’s on the inside simply by looking at the outside.  You have to get involved and actually experience the bean to know its flavor.
#2: Choose a Bean, Any Bean

Take time to ask your child which bean is his/her favorite. Ask how they choose the bean. What flavor do they think it will taste like? Why? Have them eat their bean.
Once the discussion gets rolling you can chat about friends or neighbors who may look different from you on the outside but are very similar on the inside. Human Beans come in six colors and twelve flavors all mixed up in one lovable bag. Just like the people in your life! Take a moment to talk about differences and similarities and how sometimes people think a person is one way just by how they look (act, think or feel). Just like Human Beans, we don't know anything about a person without experiencing them first.
#3 Spill the Beans

Simple conversations lead to life changing ones. Once your child understands the concept of diversity, encourage them to share the lesson with their friends. Human Beans can teach children about respecting others, appreciating differences and standing up for others.
Regardless of how you choose to use these suggestions, don’t just sit on the idea and forget about it.  Put it to good use so your kids can learn to embrace both themselves and others, which is what every parent wants right?  Of course! 
Tracy Jackson is a military wife and mother to three girls, social justice advocate and veteran entrepreneur that is passionate about diversity and teaching children to love themselves and others. For more details on Human Beans, please check out her Kickstarter project and help make the world a little sweeter!
Thank you for the consideration!
For more information, please contract Tracy Jackson:
Direct phone: 405-426-9706

Monday, November 10, 2014

Big Island Poetry Slam

This poetry slam was put on by The Spoken Word at the nightclub Amethyst in Kailua Kona. It was my second film to show on the Na Leo community channel.

Rated R for content and swearing.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Where Was Aja In October???

Sorry everyone! I could write a billion things on why I did not update my blog: breaking up with my boyfriend, traveling to Oahu alone, 8-week depression group, intensive therapy, new medications, MacBook completely broke down, etc.

But, I have good news! I'll be talking with two other authors about our first books in Hilo, HI at Petroglyph Press on November 22 at 2pm. Please join us if you can.

I'll also add some stuff on breaking into the freelance writing world in Hawaii while I'm talking.

I also have four articles in Ke Ola Magazine and one in the November issue of Hawaii Business if you all have access. Please check them out and criticize me to pieces.