Monday, August 15, 2016

I Loved the Kane Show. Now I Refuse to Listen.

This post has been a long time coming.

For most of my adult life, I listened to Kane Show. I listened since it first debuted in late 2006, when I went to college in Pennsylvania, when I went to work for a summer in Estes Park, Colorado and when I moved to Hawaii.

But then, something started to feel funny. For a longer breakdown and more links, see the Wikipedia's Kane Show section.

When Sarah and Sammy left, I thought: "Well Sarah seemed kind of like a bitch anyway and she never wanted to share anything personal in her life."

(At this time, I did not think she deserved to keep parts of her life. In fact, I was on Kane's side when he would push her for more information about her sex or dating life because I wanted to know the drama.)

Then Melanie left. I thought: "Well, I never liked her anyway." She was replaced with Rose, who is pretty awesome.

For a time, things seemed to float on pretty well. I was grateful when Kane spoke about his OCD because I have an anxiety disorder and it can be paralyzing.

I loved my radio show. I felt connected.

Then, things started to come to light. At first, everyone on the show stopped mentioning Natasha's name. Then podcasts/snippets featuring her were taken down. I wasn't a die hard Natasha fan and technically she wasn't really part of the show, but I did take note because Kane was supposedly a "family man."

When Kane announced his divorce, it fell in line with the idea of sharing their whole lives on the air. I also understood that relationships end sometimes even though you try hard to make it work.

Still, something started to stink. The women in Kane's life had a habit of leaving.

But it wasn't until Danni left--straight up disappeared--that I was like: "Something has to be going on." Danni and Kane obviously had their differences but it had looked like Danni was in this gig for the long haul. So I did all the research I could, read posts from former employees, listened to old clips, and read all the trashy online articles.

I understand that, because of contract, most parties can't talk about what happened or why people left. But Danni just disappeared. The show acted like one of their "family members" never existed in the first place. When Kane did address her absence, he said he "didn't know" or that she was super busy when clearly she wasn't.

A lot has unraveled since then, including the lies Kane tells to his listeners about why he's not on air. I realized I can no longer trust this man. Once he pretended to be stuck in an elevator when he was really in court for the divorce until the Washington Post called him out on it. Recently, he was arrested for assault on his estranged wife, made bail, and then the charges were dropped.

From pressuring Sarah to talk about her sex life on air to lying about where Danni was to reading his wife's versions of what happened, I started to get another picture of this man. A picture that eerily reminded me of my own father, who has one face for the world and another face seen only by his family.

While I have a lot more I could say on this matter, I'll just summarize it like this:

Kane does not treat the women in his life respectfully. When things do not go his way, Kane (like many men in powerful positions) silences these women using their contracts and taking away the platform on which they could speak out.

I didn't like it. So I stopped listening.

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