Monday, December 31, 2012

Five Good Luck Superstitions

Now that I've done all the wishes I know, here are 5 Good Luck Superstitions that I follow. The last one is particularly useful for New Years tonight.

NO! It's Bad Luck!
Find a Penny
When you pick up a penny, make sure it's on heads so you will have good luck. If it is on tails, you should flip it over without using your hands before picking it up or you'll have bad luck all day.

Lucky Items
Something that you wear or rub. I have a pair of lucky socks, a lucky bracelet, and a lucky coin. However, you must use the luck sparingly so I hardly touch these items until there is something I'm really needing, hoping for, or worrying about. The longer they sit, the more luck they charge up.

Bible in the Car
Keep a bible in your car and you won't get pulled over. It works for me. Never pulled over once yet. (Knock on wood (and it must be real wood))

These are gifts and if you go through one you will have a good day.

Kissing on the New Year
If you kiss your beau at the very instant of the New Year, you will likely have a successful relationship. If you miss it, you are more likely to fight, fall out of love, or break up.

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