Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sudden Review of Raising Financially Confident Kids

I just read Raising Financially Confident Kids by Mary Hunt, and--oh my god--is it good! Few books are so good that I feel the need to review it. To tell others so publicly. 

I was not raised with any money sense. My parents would say otherwise because they are proud, but I was told the same phrases many kids: "We cannot afford it" instead of "That is not how we spend our money."

Honestly, this is how I will raise my children when I have them. I will give them a monthly budget when they enter middle school and teach them how to budget. While I don't believe in giving an allowance, I do admit that I will bend to my kids' wants. It will be much easier to let them hold that money.

I even found quotes to live by, and I'm barely still a child. More young adult. More almost adult. 

"A true need is never realized while you are in a store. If you really needed it, you knew that before you left home."

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