Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Car Accident & Also Life

As you all have probably noticed, I haven't had any original content in this past month. Several things have gone awry and/or unexpected life events have frustrated and preoccupied me.

Aside from nearly constant health issues, I had a major car accident at the end of March. Some asshat ran a red light and T-boned my car on the driver's side less than a block away from my home. A hole was punched clean-through the driver's door and the airbags deployed. The impact caved in the driver's door too so I had to climb over the passenger seat to get out.

The guy (aka asshat) had a Jeep and it only received a broken headlight. I call this guy as asshat not because he made a mistake/wasn't paying attention. No, he's an ass because he didn't seem to care at all. Even though he hit me (and clearly totaled my car), he didn't try to help me out of the wreck once we came to a stop. Nor did he ask if I was okay or apologize. Instead, he stayed on his phone and stuck around just long enough for the police to show and swap info before running off to wherever he was going in such a hurry. 
Luckily (and thanks to the safety features on my car), I only bruised my shoulder. Still, these last three weeks have been almost nonstop with doctor's appointments, phone calls to both (mine and his) insurance companies, inquiries to the police department, filling out legal paperwork, evaluating and pricing the worth of my vehicle, phone calls to more doctors, filling out release forms, shopping for a new vehicle, cleaning out my old car, financing a new vehicle, switching rental cars, and trying to make up the hours I missed at work among many other things.

I'm exhausted.

All I've been able to do is keep up with the obligatory blog tours I had scheduled. I'm hoping to get back into the loop soon.


  1. Oh my god Aja! I'm so glad to know you are ok, the photos gave me chills!

  2. Those pictures are down right scary. I am glad you were able to walk away with only minor injuries and I am so mad at the driver of the Jeep. That is awful how you were treated and then all that you had to deal with afterwards. You said you were exhausted. I hope you find some rest soon!

    1. Thanks guys. I'm glad I'm okay too. My poor car is long gone though :(

  3. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

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