Sunday, January 19, 2014

Crash Diet: Day Four

My self-control is horrible. Honestly.

I started well with toast for breakfast and tea as a snack before lunch. But damn visitors! Damn my weakness for food!

We had a potluck. I tried to do small portions and I excercised while I was there. Play exercise, you know? Like running around and swimming. I drank a lot of water and brought my own bottle to remind me.


Afterward, I went out again! And to a bar this time. I didn't drink, which is good for the calories part, and not so good for my friends. I ate loaded fries with cheese and bacon.

Sigh. Get it together Aja. You want to lose this weight? No one's fault but mine.

I plan to force myself to go out for a night run or a bit of indoor cardio before I sit down tonight.

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