Friday, January 4, 2013

Bad Luck Superstitions

So that you may avoid bad luck in the New Year, I have added my superstitions that my sisters and I follow with rigor.

Interestingly enough, we have very few of these. We don't believe in black cat bad luck, toads and warts, open umbrellas, Friday the 13th, or 666.

Split the Pole
If you are walking with a friend and you are riding in the same car, then you must not split the pole. This counts as a light pole or (especially) a pole dividing a doorway. You must walk the same path as your friend. If you do not, then you will surely have car trouble and the Bible won't save you. If you split the pole by accident, one person (not the driver) must go back around it and take the proper path.

Break a Mirror
That's seven years, man.

Spill the Salt
If you knock over the salt shaker, you must throw a pinch over your left shoulder or face bad luck.

Talking Down
If you talk bad about someone, you will be afflicted by the same problem. Acne, obesity, mental illness. It will get you or your children. Karma.

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