Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pay Off Student Loan for My Amazing Aunt

As the oldest of five kids, my parents always wanted me to go to college. However, they didn't have the money or the credit to help me pay for it. So I filled out the FAFSA, worked two jobs, and went to school full-time. Still, I fell short in funding so my retired aunt stepped up to help me pay the last bit. In 2011, I graduated a semester early with a double major.

Now, I've gotten a full-time job. The only problem is it doesn't pay very much. Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful to even have a job and I take full responsibility for all my student loans. Still, because my aunt cosigned on the last two loans, she gets the bills in the mail and I feel horrible. She's an amazing lady. The only one in my whole family to step up and help me. She's retired now and lives by herself in a small apartment in DC. She had a stroke some years back but bounced back with ferocity.

I want to prove to her that her help was worth it. I want to surprise her and show her a balance of 0. Please help!

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