Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kimie Hawaii and My First Friend

This is my new favorite singer Kimie! I saw her in concert earlier this month and it was amazing! Her voice is so smooth and, I swear, her latest single plays on the local stations at least twice an hour.

I also have a funny and very dedicated friend named Benjamin. Too bad he lives on the other side of the island. We are both broke as hell but we manage to see each other every other week.

We trade music and books. That's about the only things we agree on. Otherwise, we are polar opposites.  On good days, we hop in his beat-up white truck to search for good swimming holes, pull our money together for yummy dinners, or do a little exploring.

That's how I saw my first turtle while I was in the water. And a MONK SEAL! So fat.

Here's a snapshot of my tiny Kealakekua library. The caution tape was for a banned books display earlier this month.  It's a really small library with only me, the boss librarian, and my coworker.  We get along really well though, holding small celebration parties and talking about odd non-librarian subjects (e.g. tattoos, drinking, and a whole bunch of swear words).

Some days are still very hard.

Some days I'm not sure of what I'm doing.

Some days are better than others though.

Oh and you'll see below a strange dog. Yeah, she followed me home one day for no reason. Good thing her collar had a phone number. 

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