Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tips for Substitutes 2

So, you're new to the whole subbing thing and you've got a few shifts lined up. You just don't know what to bring. You don't want to show up with a whole bunch of stuff, but you don't want to be unprepared.

What To Bring:

Writing Utensil - Most classrooms will have multiple utensils to write with in case you forget yours, but it's always nice to have your own. Don't lend out your stuff to students. You probably won't see it again.

The Work Number - Some offices will provide this for you while others will not. Have your number ready in a planner or on your phone so you can copy it down to the check-in sheet quickly.

ID - Always bring a state registered picture ID. Some need you to present it to get into the school, others to get a badge to work in the classroom, and still others to scan in the computer. If you're working on a base, like Fort Meade, get there early to enter through the visitor way and have your license and registration ready to be presented.

Notebook Paper - Whether this be lined, scrap, or sticky-note, you should always bring paper. Some schools and some teachers have passes which are hard to find. In a pinch, you can write the pass on your own paper. Or you may need it for attendance. Or a note at the end of the day for the teacher (though I suggest writing the note on the instruction papers left for you so you can take notes throughout the day).

Hobby - But you're watching children? Why bring something to distract you? There can actually be a lot of downtime for subs. Kids have specials or teachers have planning periods. Also, during your lunch break you don't want to be bored. I bring a notebook to write in, pages of my manuscript to edit, or something to read.

Snacks - Most schools have a break room with vending machines. Sometimes these are out of service or you have a long time until you get a break and you need something quick to keep you going. In a pinch, you can also always buy lunch in the cafeteria.

All these things should fit in one medium-sized bag. Make sure there is some space because young children like to draw pictures for substitutes or give you small presents to take home.

Tips for Substitutes 1

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