Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beguiled by Urania Sarri Cover Reveal

A cover reveal? My first time hosting someone's reveal? Hooray!

This paranormal/time-travel romance is self-published by Urania Sarri.

Available May 14 on Amazon Kindle!

Here's a quick blurb: The war between the present and the future has started. Compelled to cooperate with the forces of the future in order to gain Christopher back, Emma has taken on a new mission. The portal that connects the two worlds must be relocated otherwise there is no hope for humanity.

But there are so many obstacles she has to overcome; Christopher has given up on their love, her best friend has been kidnapped and the life-changing truth about her family is revealed. Worst of all, a new, unexpected menace under the name Frederick, Christopher’s evil double, threatens their lives. Will she be able to secure the future of mankind and claim the love she has fought so hard for? What if Christopher has decided to sacrifice himself again in order to save her?

In Beguiled, the second book of the Gate Deadlock series, love knows no deadlocks.

To read an excerpt from Beguiled and see the cover on other sites, visit Juniper Grove Book Solutions. 

Urania Sarri lives in Korinthia, Greece with her husband and sons. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature and an Msc in Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). She specializes in teaching English to young adults and she totally adores her job. While doing so, she takes any opportunity to convey to her students the passion of reading. She is fascinated by paranormal stories and appreciates good romance whenever she gets her hands on it!


  1. Hey Aja! Thanks for hosting my cover reveal! I hope you liked the cover of Beguiled. Release day is Tuesday May 14 on Amazon Kindle. See you there!

  2. You're welcome! It looks really good!