Monday, May 13, 2013

Paradise Isn't

It's hard to admit say that you made the wrong decision. It's happened a lot more than I'd like to admit recently.

Sometimes it came in the form of rejection. "We don't think you're a good fit for the company" or "I don't love you anymore."

Sometimes it was a worm that bothered me from the inside out. "I made the wrong choice. I took the wrong path" or "I just want to go home. I should have gone home."

Once I swallowed that apple and came to terms with my own defeat, the problem became explaining it to everyone else. Especially when it was supposed to be good news.

A broken engagement.
A new job cut short.

Paradise isn't.

It wasn't just my hopes and my expectations. It was my family's, friends', fans' optimistic ideas that had to reshape.

Explaining it to them is probably the hardest thing.

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