Monday, March 25, 2013

Zarconian Marks and Colors

Every Zarconian has a heart-shaped mark on their body and it changes color depending on mood.

Black = Emotionless or Calm
The default color of the Zarconian mark. It means the Zarconian has no singular strong emotion. Many Zarconians learn to remain at a darkened state so as not let humans in on their existance. This also tends to make them appear standoffish or apathetic.

Red = Embarrassment
Blushing, which is essentially blood rushing to the face (or other areas).

Orange = Anger
When a fire gets hotter, it turns from red to orange. The color is aggressive and bright, and it sometimes hurts if you stare at it too long.

Yellow = Happiness
Excitement. Positivity. Think of the sun, which gives life and energy to almost every living thing on Earth. You probably think of the pictures you drew as a kid with the bright yellow sun in the corner, sometimes with glasses on and wavy streaks shooting down. The sun itself, and happy Zarconian marks, give off a light that is nearly blinding if looked at directly.

Green = Jealousy
Green-Eyed Monster, Envy. When someone is nauseated, people say they look "green around the gills." A mark that turns green signals that the Zarconian is sick to their stomach with irritation.

Blue = Fear
The cold feeling of anxiety. Being frozen in place. A rip tide. Unable to stop what's happening.

Purple = Pain or Sadness
A twisted version of fear. Darker. I'm also guilty of liking the alliteration "purple pain" because it reminds me of Prince's "Purple Rain" breakup song.

Pink = Love
Less of a heavy feeling than red, a lighter blush. Lips. No guilt at the rushing blood. Pink hearts.

Anything else you want to know? Another cheat sheet? Leave it in the comments.

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