Monday, March 25, 2013

Schedule for Zarconian Island Blog Tour

My debut novel is out and I'm on a blog tour! Below are a list of blogs that Zarconian Island and I will be featured on. Check out each blog for exclusive interviews, character posts, behind-the-scenes info, and reviews.

March 15 - Interview with Book Reviews by Sus
March 19 - Interview with Jessie Krehlik
March 20 - Blog Tour Swap with Gerilyn Marin

DEBUT DAY: March 25
March 27 - Zarconian Research and Writing Process with Vicki Trask
March 28 - Am I Attie? with Krystal Wade
March 30 - Interview with Jessica Wentz
April 3 - Character Post "Claire Voyant's Post-Island Interview" with Sharon Bayliss
April 4 - A to Z Blogfest with Alicia
April 5 - Interview with Katy Snyder
April 6 - From Snoopy to Published with Hiroko
April 8 - Review by author Jessa Russo
April 11 -Review by Adrienne Bracken
April 13 - Review by author Jennifer Welborn
April 15 - Interview at YAlicious with Melissa Pearl

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