Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Hike or to Write: Tales from Estes Park, Colorado

I've been trying to hike every weekend since I got to Colorado. The views are fantastic and, at some point, you hit that high where it seems like you could walk forever: to the next peak and more, to the Great Divide, the plains and onward to California.

To write here is the most inspiring and exhausting thing. As you can tell, my posts fell off. I've started a writing group and just writing 5 pages a week is enough to put me out after a 40/hr work week.

I'm planning to become a drifter, possibly. I have no flight home when this job ends. Not yet anyway. If If I have the guts, I'll end up in another state. Perhaps I'll find a short job and a place to crash. Or maybe I'll hit the road with a brown-haired boy, whose engine cuts off when we idle below 10.

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