Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tips for Teachers 2

Dear Teacher,

I know I've given you some stuff to think about already, but more occurred advice to me since we last spoke.

1. Teachers To Know
Many will introduce themselves in the mornings. Still, I like it when I get the names of teachers (or aides) I should know that can help out the classroom. Please tell me where their room is located as well so that I may call on them more easily.

2. Curriculum
I understand that you are pushed to meet certain deadlines with teaching. However, I am not a certified teacher nor do I know your curriculum, intention, or students in the way that you do. So please, don't have me teach something new to them. A lot of times (even though it is review for me) the way to teach them is not. I end up explaining it poorly, they suffer and struggle, and we fall behind schedule.

3a. Classroom Management (Elementary)
Each teacher has different management styles and tolerances. Let me know what you use as well as where it is located in the classroom. A bell? 123 All Eyes On Me? Clap Pattern? Light Switching? Sometimes the kids will point it out. Other times they will continue to be distracted and take advantage, and then bawl when I change their name on from Green to Yellow.

3b. Classroom Management (High School)
It's always good advice to know where you draw the line as to sending a student to the office or calling up an administrator. Three warnings? Late bells? Or are there certain kids that if they act up to send them out immediately?

4. Dismissal (Elementary)
It is different at every school. Some have bells. Others an intercom. And still others do it on a time schedule without any audio warnings. When you're letting me know who rides the bus, add in how I should figure out when to dismiss them.

5. When will you be back?
Sometimes absences are personal, and I know many times you have told your students in advance. I can also estimate by how many days you took off my scheduling roster. Yet, students love to ask when you'll return or why you are gone. If you're comfortable sharing this information, please do so. It especially comforts the younger kids.

Your Faithful Substitute,

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