Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Organize My Life, Please

Life is here. It's time to figure out the future some more. I'm a college graduate. I work a lot of small jobs: online copyeditor, blogging, camp counselor (summer), and substitute (school year). Still, I need to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Organizing means optimizing time and resources to finish essential tasks or products. It means finding the priority and following through until the desired result is reached. Without organization, the world becomes chaos.

Organizing means having a keen and detail-oriented eye. I've been organizing since I could write: creating schedules and timelines, to-do lists and wish lists with goal markers, pros and cons, etc. This organization has helped me be the first to graduate college in my family, to afford the basics in life, and to find purpose in my desired careers.

If only I could organize my life.

What do I want to do:

  • Write (preferably YA literature)
  • Travel


  • No health/dental insurance
  • No stable income
  • No loan assistance

I have few options. I could live a poor, starving artist life OR stay with my parents forever. Both are right out. With college loans to pay off and other expenses (gas, food, utilities, etc.), I need something more stable.

Potential Careers:

  • Peace Corp
  • Librarian
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Military Service
  • Teacher
  • Teacher Abroad
I suppose I could detail the pros and cons of each one here, but that is personal and this blog is already long enough. We will see where I end up. Hopefully, I will look back on this entry and laugh.

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