Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why I Would Never Be A Public School Teacher

I'll never be a public school teacher. I commend them because I just couldn't do it.

Don't give a damn -- There are kids, teachers, parents, and administrators who just don't give a damn about a proper education, the students, or property. The staff is so resigned and the students are so rebellious--burnt out on a broken system-- that I'm not actually teaching anything that will stick. It's some Freedom Writers shit. At that rate, I'll become as resigned as any other tenured teacher.

Freezing Classrooms -- Winter and summer, it's always like 30 degrees. WTF?

Can't Touch This -- If a kid leaves the classroom, it's my problem or my fault. However, I can't touch these kids and pull them back in. If they enter a classroom late without a pass, I can't remove them. And they fucking know it. They'll say or do things just to antagonize teachers for fun like this kid from the movie Role Models. What the hell am I supposed to do?

I think, if a high schooler leaves, that's his prerogative. If he tries to come in without a pass, I can shut the door on his face. If I send him to the office and he doesn't go, I do not want to be accountable.

Homework -- If I wanted to do more work (for no pay), I would still be in school.

The DreadedRed Pen and Other Coddling -- I'm sorry, but I can't write in a certain color because it might hurt someone? I already know I can't touch them or face physical/sexual assault charges, but really? In some cases, I can't even take their phones even if it's interrupting a lesson because it's their property. 

If a student mouths off or interrupts my class, then I should be able to send him out of the room. To hell, if he goes to the office or somewhere else. Do you think a boss that fires you makes sure you get home okay? Do you think he cares if he writes his memo edits in red ink or blue ink?
Parents vs. Teachers: how it should be

Summers Off -- I like to be busy, believe it or not. I've had a summer off before and I nearly went crazy.

Parents -- Just no. Even if I was rated the best at dealing with parents and behavioral incidents during my time in the Rockies, it doesn't mean I liked it. "Why didn't my kid get an A?" Because your kid does NO work and mouths off and leaves the room a mess. And yes, I count keeping your space tidy as part of your grade. I'm not going to be a personal maid to 30 students as well as a teacher, counselor, babysitter, and anything else.

Parents vs. Teachers: how it is

Teach to Test -- It's no longer about what they want to know. It's about the grade, the score, the profit. Can I take time out of a lecture to digress on a topic the kids might be interested in? Not if it's not in the curriculum.

Easy A -- Everyone deserves an A now. A is for Average. A is an Attempt.

One Kid, Two Kid, Red Kid, Blue Kid -- I would have to teach kids from remedial to AP, which is not a problem of bending to skill level or patience. It's a problem of respect. I want to teach kids who want to learn, or at least value my attention to their future.

So yeah, public school is not my place. I want to teach kids that want to learn and don't have the opportunity rather than those that feel entitled and waste it. 

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