Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two Unfinished Stories For Kids By Kids

Two of my campers, upon learning I was a writer, began stories in my notebook. I have posted them (with their original spellings) here so that you may finish them at your leisure.

Ghost Town
By Hanna (4th Grade)
I live in a old town everything is perfect. Except one thing the living room. One day the couch was in one spot and the next day it was in a different spot! So was the TV! then Aug. 5 2000 every thing changed. It wasn't perfect it was empty. I have 1 child it is a girl her name is Rose. She is 2 years old She is in bed. I am to[o] I heard a scream! I ran into roses bedroom all there was was blood and bloody clothes.
Ending TBD

By Caden (4th grade)
Once upon a time there was a horse and the norse named Yoshi. Yoshi was a lot of fun but he like to get in trouble a lot.
Middle and Ending TBD

Honorable Mention: Another camper, Kyra, wrote a story about the horse Black Beauty in her own journal and it was very well done. From what I know, she is still working on it.

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