Friday, August 31, 2012

Characters In Real Life (2)

Real People I Met in Estes:

A young woman as beautiful as her name, Rose. With a beauty mark on her right cheek, she twirled about from group to group, working tirelessly with special needs children. Wisps of hair --falling loose from her sloppy bun--framed the smile which permanently adorned her face.

Known as "Mustache Matt" for his 70s style facial hair, he never went without a hat of some sort.  He was strikingly tall and held a bottled sort of energy with him, which would come out during song times. He would jump and scream and twist and move as if possessed by a rock concert god.

A genuine man of the wild known by campers and counselors alike as Beardsly. He wore a flat cap always and headed straight to Thursday Trivia at the local bar, stopping only to turn his work shirt inside-out. At the pool, his full beard, lean body, and habit of engaging in full water fights earned him the second nickname Poseidon. It never stuck as well as Beardsly. And if he'd had a pipe, he was sure to be called Popeye.

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