Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Meeting President Barack Obama

Photo by Jalen Gumbs
On September 11 of 2011, I saw President Barack Obama (LIVE AND LIVING COLOR) at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA. He very somberly placed the wreath and bowed his head in prayer.
Photo by Aja Hannah
And then he came over to the crowd. I wasn't expecting it and nearly fell from the slanted wall on which I was standing. I missed the first photo, too busy staring at his standout ears. (They're bigger than they appear on television.)
Photo by Aja Hannah
Then I was clicking away with my iPhone as he shook hands with the people in front of me. We were separated by no more than an arms length. If I had reached out, perhaps jumped...
Photo by Aja Hannah
His wife, Michelle, shook those same hands. On screen, she was average. Here, in her black fitted dress and deep tanned skin, she was beautiful. So beautiful, I shouted that it was so.
Photo by Aja Hannah
In my bed that I night, I cried. I want to do something reputable, be someone respectable. I want to be someone that The President wants to shake hands with. I'm just not sure I ever will.

I think I'll write him a letter.
Fellow student reporters from left to right:
Katy B., Jalen Gumbs, Aja Hannah (Me), and Jessie K. 

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