Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mixed Kids Gathering!

Want to celebrate your diverse heritage while meeting more mixed kids? We suggest attending the Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival next month. 

Because of funding, we could not make the June 11 and 12 trip to LA from our hometown in Maryland, but guest writer and Beyond The Brochure blogger Christina Simon can and will be there. 

Even though we can't make it, we still encourage all of our readers to attend the festival. In our fractured world, it's not always easy to meet with people like yourself or to walk amongst such a diverse crowd. Imagine the stories, faces, and families.

As Christina Simon suggests in her blog on parenting, it's important to surround your kid with diversity and culture to make them feel comfortable and accepted.

It's also in LA so think of it as part of a great vacation. After the festival, go star searching or site seeing. Drive out to the ocean. 

Next year, we'll go. We're even thinking of submitting something to the festival, have a booth perhaps.

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