Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Proud Mixed-Race Parent

Mixed-race mothers know the mixed-race fight and The Mother Company has finally brought forward a voice on issues in parenting with racial diversity, a topic that needs more instruction and documentation.

I have to commend Christina Simon's article Where Did He Get Those Blue Eyes? about raising mixed kids. My own parents did a good job raising me, but they're not mixed. They just couldn't understand the problems or the rejection we'd face. Christina Simon knows:
"As a mother of mixed-race kids, I know I have two important tasks. First I want my kids to understand both sides of their heritage, African American and white (Jewish). Secondly, perhaps my most complicated challenge is to help foster a strong sense of self-esteem in my kids. Yes, they are different than non-mixed kids. But, I want them to know that they are unique and special, in part, because of their mixed heritage, not in spite of it. My hope for them is that they grow up able to comfortably navigate both of their worlds, embracing who they are as exquisite individuals."
Before this, I worried like her if I could shelter my kids from rejection, if I could do anything more for them than my parents did. After reading her story I realized I can't shelter them, but her story has told me that my experiences won't be wasted or unhelpful. I'll be able to empathize and understand. I'll be able to work with my kids to find the solution.

For more articles and studies on being mixed-race or raising kids in a race-conscious society, I recommend these articles:


  1. Thank you for starting this blog to talk about mixed-race issues. I LOVE the title. I think your blog is going to be read and appreciated by a lot of mixed race people and parents of mixed kids, too. Congratulations on the blog and I look forward to reading more!

  2. These are very valuable discussions. Great new blog!