Friday, March 18, 2011

To Pick Just One

"Just pick one."

"But I'm not just one," I tried saying.

"It doesn't matter. If you pick more than one, the Scantron won't go through."

I stared at the little green and white paper. White, Black, Pacific Islander, American Indian, Asian, or Other. Well, I certainly wasn't an Other. I was on there, three times to be exact. I just wasn't on there.

My dad told me I should always pick black because as a minority, I'd represent us (blacks) well and I'd get more financial aid. But, I didn't feel black. To put that down felt like a lie. After all, the black kids just told me I wasn't black enough for them. And I didn't have any black friends either, not where it counted anyway.

I thought I should pick how I felt...That day I thought I felt more American Indian. After all, no Native American kids had come up to me yet and said I wasn't one of them.

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