Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Suddenly: A Root Canal is Necessary and a Dentist is Dead

I had to get a root canal last week.

First of all: What the fuck is that? I felt like my tooth was being pulled out, but I'll come back to this in another post.

I was just at the dentist a year ago and he said I didn't have any cavities. This was in Hawaii in January so how did I suddenly go from great teeth to needing a root canal. I feel like Hawaii Dentist wasn't doing his job well.

And, let me tell you, I want to talk more shit about him because back in April I was calling the office over and over without getting anyone on the line. (I was trying to cancel an appointment because I didn't have dental anymore.) Anyway, a thousand unanswered phone calls and one Google search later, I realized he wasn't answering because he was dead. He died suddenly from a heart attack in March. 

So, I can't really talk the shit I wanted.

I go in to Comfort Dental in Colorado because they only charge $25 for a quick exam and some x-rays. And I don't have insurance and my tooth hurts.

One exam later, we see a huge dark spot on Tooth #12 and Dentist Doctor Benjamin Butler (so close to Benjamin Button) tells me I need to get part of my tooth sawed off, clean out all this decay, take the roots and nerve out of my tooth, and then seal it all up.

Also, he said it would cost $1250 and, if I didn't want to do it, then I would have to get the tooth removed.

So I wasn't looking forward to this at all.