Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Things to Know About "The Soul of the Sun" by Genevieve Crownson

1) The Soul of the Sun was based on a dream. The plot was revealed to me like a movie while I slept.
2) Most of the book was written in spare moments, after work and weekends. Often times it was me, alone with my characters, working into the late evening.
3) Margaret and Emma were great friends when I had insomnia. They’d pop up to keep me company in the book world I’d created.
4) My characters have some of the quirks of people I know, not bundled into one person, but smattered all together to keep everyone guessing.
5) Margaret has a special place in my heart because she reminds me of my Grandma. She is a warm vibrant character with an inner strength.
6) Margaret never leaves the house without her red lipstick because my Grandmother does this and I love it. She has always said “You can’t leave the house without a little bit of color.”
7) Emma is studying for a Biology degree so that she can become a doctor. This was actually my story too. But life took a different turn for both of us
8) The title for The Soul of the Sun was given to me as a gift from the Universe. I woke up from the first sequence of dreams that revealed the story and I heard this voice in my head that said “She will be called The Soul of the Sun” and that was it; I knew that was the title.
9) Animals play an important role in this book, but it doesn’t show how important until a little later in the novel. They are part of the magic. This is because I adore all creatures. They improve the quality of our lives with their unconditional love.
10) The ending for The Soul of the Sun was changed. I had actually written a different ending for Margaret and Emma’s story but when it was finished I had a dream with a much better conclusion, and a good twist. I knew I had to change it. Maybe one day I will reveal the alternate ending.
About the Book:

“The hands of time turn on the face of the sun. Only you can move them. If the Watcher controls the hands of the clock he can go anywhere, past or future-- and destroy our planet.” 

Since the days of ancient Greece, the Argos dynasty has kept a secret, a mystery passed down through their descendants from generation to generation, in the hopes that the forces of good can stop the evil destruction of planet Earth.

Margaret Ingall is harboring that secret. Time is running out for the descendants of the Argos. They know a great healer and time traveler will be born of their blood. But the only person that knows whom they will call “the soul of the sun” is Margaret’s sister, Abigail. Before she can reveal the healer’s identity, disaster strikes…

Evil stalks them, watching and waiting to find out which member of her family has the ultimate power. Is it Margaret’s own child? Or her beloved granddaughter? Or even herself? Their only clue is a powerful protective amulet that will lead them all in a cat-and-mouse game to discover secrets as ancient as time.

If the Watcher discovers the truth before they do, all will be lost.

Fate, time and love weave together in their struggle to fulfill their destiny. Will Margaret’s fears sabotage her family’s protection? Can the healer accept her gifts in time? And once the soul of the sun is finally revealed, will it be too late?

Her power is incredible. The sacrifices required of her are immense.

Will it be enough to stop the Watcher?

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