Monday, February 27, 2012

The Moment, The Movement

At any given time, there are moments. Moments of happiness and moments of grief. Moments on greenhouse rooftops and in her church basement.

made are these exact points in time: are indications of life, and life in death.

Points fevered for, points forced to be forgotten
others to live on.

Points clung to:
          in desperate adoration

There may not always be love, and there may not always be pain.
but moments will be moments either way

They will come at times of surrender, with natural and naked & barefooted love
and they come for times of emptiness, in a street corner's crowd: vendor-washed

My moment can be your moment too but it won't be The Moment,
and it might not be at the moment or in the moment, that becomes your moment.

He moves. She motions. In white palaces. 
On green Malls. In suits of blue and black.
In greed. In corruption. Moments. In hate--
Moments. In re-elections and titles won.

In endless caskets of folded flags. On trumpeted-salutes
Moments. In jobless mothers and dirt-pinched pennies.
In Christmas's past and present. In comparisons.
Moments. Of shame. Moments. In fear. Momentous Frustration:
                                        She moves. And he moves.

Distressed and fractured
We move

movement and moments are synonymous 
          without causation
No movement by Parks had US move on the Nat'l park
and a moment made in 1955.

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