Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Trade an Ex for a Mercedes

If you have not heard, I was engaged. Somewhere between April (proposal) and September (our four year anniversary and his chosen day to break it off), my guy reasoned that marriage wasn't right. I won't get into those reasons, at least not right now.

Silver lining: I now own my own car.
My parents helped me buy a used 1996 Mercedes-Benz C 280. It's the first time a car has been under my name, has been solely mine. (My ex and I shared a car that was given to us by his father.)

It's an exhausting experience owning the car. I had to get tags for which I paid out the wazoo at the DMV. I still have to get it inspected (this weekend, fingers crossed). Already, I've had two flat tires and I had to buy four new tires because of tire rot.

A few more notes: The lever/hatch to open the hood of the car is broken. I guess I need to buy that piece and find some place that will install it for cheap.

My radio and tape deck aren't working. The man that sold it to us said that changing the battery tripped it up and it needs to be reactivated. I have not figured that out either.

The single windshield wiper sticks sometimes. My dad says oiling up the piston in it will fix the problem. I remain skeptical.

All in all: Though I would much rather this have not happened, it is uplifting to look outside and see MY car. Finally.

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