Thursday, June 9, 2011

Living in Whitesburg: Episode One

It's come to my attention that, after only 9 months in Whitesburg, I've begun assessing the ignorance of every white person I meet. It's not a matter if they are prejudice or ignorant, it's a matter of just how much.

I mean, in every white person there is the white blindness, their white privilege where they lack knowledge of the colored struggle. (Note: I say 'colored' rather than minority because it's just a matter of time before we become the majority.) Then, there are those that take this white blindness further.

Example One: My neighbor and single black friend has been approached by a stranger with: "Hey, you know, I really like Maino." The same stranger, upon finding out black friend was graduating from college asked, "Are your parents proud? Oh, are they still together?" As if, because her parents are black, that they are not married. As if her parents would not be proud of their successful and educated daughter.

No, no. I'm sorry, white person. My dad left when I was a kid and my mom is a crackhead in the ghetto  so, of course, my successful education is only seen as worthless because it won't get me off the streets. (SARCASM)

It's not just her either. After mustering up the courage to ask me what I am, Whitesburg people then feel the need to know my parent's races. "So it's your mom that's white, right?"


I do not ask you what you are or where you come from, and I certainly don't ask what race your parents are. Back off WHITE PEOPLE and stop being so damn curious before I crush you.

Black Power.

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