Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Dick in the Classroom

I'm in elementary school again, holding up my arm so long it hurts. My young adult lit teacher won't call on me.

She won't even look my way. I wonder if it's that I'm monopolizing the discussion or if it's that I called a character a dick.

It's probably the latter. She looked scandalized when I said it. As if a college classroom isn't the place for the shrewd and lude. Weird, because I have priest as a teacher that constantly talks about sex and will throw about the words of a sailor without blinking an eye. It's a little uncomfortable, seeing as he's a priest and such and possibly never had sex, but at least he recognizes we're not children in some middle school class where "screw you" is still taboo.

In my defense, the character (Holden Caulfield) was a dick.