Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Travel on a Budget: Free Apps for the Road

Before you get on the highway/train/bus, make sure to fill up your phone with these free apps so stave off boredom, find hidden wonders, and get the cheapest gas.


  • Apple Maps - The default for iPhones even though they are junk
  • GoogleMaps - Reliable
  • Waze - Navigation with live (and specific) updates on traffic

Music and Radio

  • iTunes - Download/Burn CDs in case you lose cell service
  • Pandora - Has a fair amount of ads, can't rewind
  • Spotify - Can rewind and replay tracks
  • YouTube - Latest funny videos
  • Audible - For audiobook listeners

Gas and Bathrooms

Hidden Wonders

  • Yonder - Share outdoor adventures, find cool/hidden spots
  • Along the Way - Searches your route for interesting, local places

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