Friday, January 20, 2012

The Truth Reality Obscures

"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures." - Jessamyn West

I've learned a lot this past year from friends and ex-lovers, and don't tell me it's too late to reflect. It's not. I will put these 12 things in novels one day.

1. As well-intentioned or innocent as you think you sound (especially in an argument or an emotional talk), you might not come off that way.
2. A person's feelings, once hurt, will not be unhurt no matter how many times you explain yourself.
3. Because you can't erase the past no matter how recent it was.
4. So let it go.
5. Know that sometimes things just don't work out.
6. And you can never know everything.
       Addendum: Actually, you probably don't want to know everything.
7. Moreover, when someone leaves you crying and broken, another person will be there to pick up the pieces. Whether that be a friend or flame, they will be better for you than one before them.
8. But don't mistake friendship and loneliness with feelings of affection.
9. Because a kiss in the night will change everything. See #3.
10. And loneliness should not be smothered out by a frantic scramble for attention. You must saturate in loneliness to find out what you really need, to become productive, and to regain a balance of feeling.
11. With great love comes great sadness, and with joy there is pain. Like good to evil, you must have both in your life to appreciate the whole.
12. Last, you cannot control everything (esp. your heart).

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